Free Palworld Server Hosting

  • Free thanks to carefully placed ads
  • No artificial player slot limits
  • App for super simple server management
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How does it work?

Squadnox hosts free Palworld servers for your and your friends. All you need is the Squadnox App, a copy of Palworld and maybe some friends. Create your free server today and go explore Palworld today.

Step 1
Get the app
Step 2
Create server
Step 3
Boost server
Play the game

Join your free Palworld server

The Palworld main menu

The Game Pass version of the game does not support private servers

First start your free Palworld server from the Squadnox App. Next open Palworld and click the "Join Multiplayer Game" button in the main menu.

The Palworld multiplayer menu

At the bottom of the screen, enter your servers IP address followed by a colon and the default port. You can now directly connect to your server by clicking the "Connect" button.