Frequently Asked Questions

Is Squadnox actually free?


How does Squadnox make money?

Thoughfully placed advertisements, affiliate marketing and optional subscriptions.

How to get started?

Install the app, create a server, invite your friends, start the server, play.

What games are supported?

We support games from multiple genres and platforms. Take a look at our Games page to see what games are currently supported.

Can you please add game X?

Yes, if it has support for self hosted dedicated servers and the community wants it.

How to get better performance?

You can boost your server for free, to temporarily increase the servers performance.

Why did my server stop automatically?

Game servers stop automatically if their runtime is over, they are unused or ran for more than 12 hours.

I can't connect using the server address

Make sure you're using the right address and that you use a fast DNS resolver such as or Google DNS.

I cannot connect to my new Unturned server

Make sure you provided a Game Server Login Token for your Unturned server

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