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Squadnox is your free game server hosting app. Whether you want to play a short session or all night long, sandbox, FPS or casual game we got you covered. Squadnox makes it easy to host game servers for free, connecting you and your friends all around the world.

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Create and manage servers

Squadnox allows you to create dedicated servers for any occasion. Invite your friends and give them permissions to manage servers with you.

A list of the users servers

Simple and intuitive controls

Start, stop, restart and connect to your server with ease. Playing online with your friends has never been easier.

Simple and intuitive server controls

Play a variety of multiplayer games

Our ever growing list of supported games spans multiple genres and platforms, enabling you to play with your friends on PC, mobile and console.

A variety of multiplayer games to choose from

Keep your server running for free

Boost your server for free to keep it running. Invite your friends to boost even faster. Check the ranking to see who contributes the most.

Boostable server specifications

Full control over your server

Managing a server can be as simple as starting and stopping it. But if you need more, you can manage every aspect of your server, from configuration to backups.

Powerful server management tools
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