How to run commands on an Unturned server

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To use commands like /give, /teleport and /day you need to add your Steam account as owner or admin of your Unturned server. This guide will show you how to do that in a few simple steps.

Add your Steam account as server owner

  1. Use our SteamID finder tool to find your SteamID64
  2. Start your free Squadnox server
  3. Open your server's files from within the app
  4. Edit the Commands.dat file under gameserver/Servers/MyServer/Server/
  5. Add the line Cheats Enabled to the file
  6. Add the line Owner YourSteamID64 to the file, where YourSteamID64 is your SteamID64 from the first step
  7. Restart the server and then run some commands on your server

Example Commands.dat file

In case you're unsure how the Commands.dat file should look like after editting, here's an example:

Cheats Enabled
Owner 76561197960287930