Project Zomboid mod installation

Project Zomboid Mod Installation

The Project Zomboid Steam Workshop contains thousands of mods. This guide will show you how to install them on your server.

Pick mods

  1. Go to the Project Zomboid Steam Workshop
  2. Pick the mods you want to install
  3. Note down the Steam Workshop IDs and the Mod IDs
  4. In case it's a map, also note down the Map Folder names

Hint: The Steam Workshop ID, Mod ID and optionally the Map Folder name, can usually be found in the mods description.

Install mods

  1. Start your server
  2. Pause your server
  3. Open your server's files
  4. Edit the Zomboid/Server/servertest.ini file
  5. Locate WorkshopItems= and append the Steam Workshop IDs separated by semicolons
  6. Locate Mods= and append the Mod IDs separated by semicolons
  7. If you installed a map mod, locate Map= and append the Map Folder name
  8. Save the file and restart your server

Example config file

Here is an example how the WorkshopItems=, Mods= and Map= lines would look like with two mods installed, one of them being a map: