Free Starbound Server Hosting

  • Free thanks to carefully placed ads
  • No artificial player slot limits
  • App for super simple server management
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How does it work?

Squadnox hosts free Starbound servers for you and your friends. All you need is the Squadnox App, Starbound and maybe some friends. Create your own server today and colonize the universe.

Step 1
Get the app
Step 2
Create server
Step 3
Boost server
Play the game

Join your free Starbound server

The Starbound main menu

First start your free Starbound server from the Squadnox app. Then open Starbound and click the "JOIN GAME" button in the main menu.

The Starbound character selection

Select the character you want to join your server with or create a new one. Make sure your character looks fancy to impress your friends.

The Starbound server join dialog

Look up your servers current IP address in the Squadnox app. Then enter the IP address in the "Server Address" field and click the "Join server" button.

Note that your servers IP address is likely to change between server starts. You and your friends can see the servers current IP address in the Squadnox app after starting the server.